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SOFTIC enjoys the support of entities from a variety of fields. Membership is available to those who agree with SOFTIC's mission and will support it.

* Benefits to Members
- Receipt of free delivery of the reports and other materials on the results of research
- Participation in research committees
- Participation in symposia and seminars hosted by SOFTIC, with discounts and priority treatment

* Membership Fees
300,000 Yen per fiscal year
(half price if six months have elapsed from the start of the fiscal year at the time of admittance to membership)

* Application
An application form is available at the SOFTIC office.

* Inquiry
Software Information Center
Address: 4th Floor, Toto Bldg., 5-1-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001 Japan
TEL: 03-3437-3071 (Int'l +81-3-3437-3071)
FAX: 03-3437-3398 (Int'l +81-3-3437-3398)