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SOFTIC provides the documents on Japanese court cases and analysis on protection of rights related to software translated into English.




* The translation was supervised by Haruaki Murao, an attorney at law in Tokyo

    1. System Science K. K. v. Toyo Sokuki K. K. (Tokyo High Court, opinion of June 20, 1989)
    2. BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik, A. G. v. K. K. Jap Auto Products. (The Third Petty Bench of the Supreme Court opinion of July 1, 1997)
    3. Microsoft Corp. v. Shuuwa System Trading K.K. (Tokyo District Court, opinion of Jan. 30, 1987)
    4. K. K. Matsudera v. King Features Syndicate, Inc (Supreme Court opinion of July 17, 1997)
    5. K.K. I.C.M. vs K.K. Mets (Tokyo District Court, decision of February 27, 1991)
    6. ICM Corp. v. Met's, Inc. (Tokyo High Court Decision of March 31, 1992)
    7. Tsubakimoto_v._THK (Supreme Court opinion of February 24, 1998)
    8. Mary Doe v. NIFTY Ltd. et al. (Tokyo District Court, hearing closed on June 17, 1996)
    9. JOSHO vs ENIX (Tokyo District Court, decision of May 27, 1999)
    10. KOEI, LTD. VS GIJUTSU HYORONSHA, LTD. (Tokyo High Court, decision of March 18, l999)
    11. Ikegami Patent Incubator, Ltd. vs Sharp Corp.(Osaka District Court)
    12. KONAMI Kabushiki Kaisha vs Spec Computer Kabushiki Kaisha(Osaka High Court, decision of April 27, 1999)
    13. Epoch Company Ltd. vs Bandai Co., Ltd.(Tokyo District Court)
    14. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company, Ltd. vs Daikei Kabushiki-gaisha (Tokyo District Court, decision of March 17, 2000)
    15. Victor Entertainment K. K. et al. vs K. K. Daiichi Kosho (Tokyo District Court's Decision of May 16, 2000)
    16. Texas Instruments Inc. vs FUJITSU LTD. (The Third Petty Bench of the Supreme Court's Decision of April 11, 2000)
    17. Tsubasa System Kabushiki Kaisha vs Kabushiki Kaisha System Japan (Tokyo District Court, decision of May 25, 2001)
    18. Tokimeki Memorial Case (Supreme Court opinion of February 13, 2001 Decision of the Third Petit Bench)