1st Symposium
Date: October 28-30, 1987
Theme: Legal Protection of Computer Software
1. How to Protect New Technology and Creation
2. Scope of Protection of Computer Programs
3. Characteristics of Interface, Protocol and Programming Language and Legal Protection

2nd Symposium
Date: November 7-8, 1989
Theme: Legal Protection of Interfaces
1. User Interface
2. Communication Protocol
3. Operating System Related Interface

3rd Symposium
Date: December 9-10, 1991
Theme: Law's Lag Behind Fast Advancing Software
1. Current Trends Regarding the Legal Protection for Computer Programs-What is happening in Europe, U.S., and Japan?-
2. Legal Aspects of Advancing Software Technology-How to protect advanced computer systems and their output?-
3. International Trends in Patent Protection for Program-related Inventions-How can we harmonize patent and copyright protection?-

4th Symposium
Date: November 10-11, 1998
1. Computer Software and Patent Law-Patentability and Scope of Protection-
2. Multimedia Environment and Copyright Law-Discussion Focused on Legal Issues Relating to Multimedia Software-

5th Symposium
Date: November 29-30, 1995
Theme: Problems of Intellectual Property Rights in the Context of Information Networks
1. Present Status of Deliberations of Each Country; Views of the Private Sectors in Japan
2. Panel Discussions on the Main Issues of Deliberations from Each Country
i. Copyrights in a Network Environment
ii. Protection of Non-Original Databases
iii. Copyright Clearances

6th Symposium
Date: November 13-14, 1997
Theme: A Balance between Protection and Exploitation of Digital
1. Current Development in Database Protection
-Developments with Regard to the Sui Generis Protection in Each Country-
2. Balance Between Protection and Exploitation of Information
3. Intellectual Property Infringement Issues in Cyberspace

7th Symposium
Date: December 1-2, 1998
Theme: Software Business and Intellectual Property Issues in Asia - Software Development Agreements and Exclusive Distribution Agreements -

8th Symposium
Date: Tuesday, November 30 and Wednesday, December 1, 1999
Theme: Electronic Commerce and Intellectual Property Rights
1. Electronic Commerce and Contractual Issues -Current Situations of Japan, US and Europe
2. Electronic Commerce and Copyright Issues -Current Situations of Japan, US and Europe-
3. Electronic Commerce and Patent Issues -Hypothetical Case Study on the Scope of Protection

9th Symposium
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000
Theme: The Present and Future of Internet and Electronic Commerce in Asia and Oceania - The Current Status of Legislation and the Further Measures for Electronic Commerce -
Part A: Reports by Each Country and Area
-Status of Use of Internet and Related Legislation, Policies of Government, Activities of Private Sectors etc.-
Part B: Individual Issues
(1) The Present Status of Intellectual Property
(2) The Liability of Internet Service Provider
(3) Offer and Acceptance on Network Transaction
(4) Legislation about Electronic Signature and Electronic Payment
(5) Securities - Legislation about Protection of Personal Data and Measures against Illegal Access -