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In order to compile the information to be stored in Computer Software Database (CSDB), which the Japan Patent Office(JPO) will build, Software Patent Information Center (hereinafter called "PIC") was established on July 1, 1997 as an annexed organization of Software Information Center.
PIC collects non-patent literature to be input in CSDB, assigns Computer Software Terms (CS Terms), pick up necessary free key words, makes summaries to collected literature, and compiles the primary literature information and analytical results, etc. for these literatures on computer-readable media, and ultimately delivers to JPO.
And further, to prepare for disclosure of CSDB planned by JPO from FY2002, we are going to include information on copyrights granted to JPO for non-patent literature accumulated since FY2002 and convert them into computer-readable media.

[Activities of Software Patent Information Center]
1. Establishment of Software Patent Information Center
2. Compilation of Information for CSDB